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Etrusca Hair Design Salon provides the highest quality product and service for Permanent Human Hair Extensions. You will find many of your questions answered below, however if you should have any questions about extensions not addressed here, please feel free to call Michelle Flippen at 707-578-5121. She can also provide you with a full estimate of cost after discussing your needs.

Michelle Flippen is a licensed cosmologist who is fully trained and certified in hair extensions perform this process for you. We use only the finest quality Remy human hair from Europe. Our bonding technique uses keratin; this provides a match to your own hair, since hair is made up of keratin. The bond is attached using a special heated tool to blend your hair with the bond. Our short videos below show this process.

Do you have to be a licensed Cosmetologist to do hair extensions?
Under section 7316 of the California Cosmetology and Barbering regulations, extension specialists are not required to have a license, providing the specialist doesn't cut or color your hair. However consider carefully if you wish to have this process done by someone unlicensed. Reputable extensions companies require you to have a Cosmetology license in order to receive their training and certification. Michelle Flippen has been a licensed cosmetologist for 30 years and has received complete training to become certified as an extension specialist with the company Etrusca Hair Design Salon uses.

Can any hair type wear permanent hair extensions?
If you have any medical conditions that might be causing your natural hair to shed faster than normal, then permanent extensions may not work for you. You would have to replace them sooner than normally recommended and you could cause your hair to break. This is something that Michelle can discuss further with you in a consultation.

What can I expect in the consultation?
Michelle will give you some initial information on the phone, then follow that up with an in-person consultation. She will educate you in the type of extensions she uses and match your color. She will measure your head and give you a full estimation of the time needed to perform the process and she will provide all costs broken down in writing. Etrusca Hair Design Salon does require a deposit before booking the appointment and will require a full 72-hours notice of any cancellation.

How do I care for my hair extensions at home?
During the process of installing the extensions, Michelle will be asking you questions about your normal routine and explain what changes you may need to make in your routine. She will give you a home hair care sheet that you can reference to use at home. She will explain to you how to style your hair with extensions and what types of products you should and shouldn’t be using. She also welcomes any calls from you if you are having any concerns after they are installed.


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