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Etrusca Hair Design is a full-service hair salon for all your haircut, color or facial waxing needs. Michelle Flippen, as a certified practitioner, specializes in permanent human hair extensions. Please see our menu of services below for our standard offerings and feel free to contact us if you have a special request. Call Michelle for pricing on these services.

Permanent Human Hair and Feather Extensions
Permanent Fusion Keratin Bond Technique/European Remy Human Hair

Precision, Razor, Point & Clipper Cuts

Full coverage color, Highlights, Lowlights, Corrective color, Fashion Vivid colors

Permanent Waves
A chemical process to permanently transform your straighter hair into hair that can range from soft waves to very curly hair.

Facial Waxing
Eyes, lips, Chin, Cheeks

Special Event Hair Styling

Permanent Human Hair Extensions
We use only the finest quality Remy human hair from Europe. Our bonding technique uses keratin; this provides a match to your own hair, since hair is made up of keratin. The bond is attached using a special heated tool to blend your hair with the bond. To find out more about our process, check out our video.

Your personal stylist will work with you to develop a cut ideal to your lifestyle and style preference, taking into consideration your hair type as well as your grooming habits. Our goal is to provide you with a stylish cut suited to your face and hair that will be comfortable as well as fashionable.

Precision Haircuts
Precision hair cutting gives you a very clean edge and allows the hair to flow freely. These are commonly know as “wash and wear” cuts. What you will find with an ideal precision cut for your hair:
· It’s easy to style because it falls easily into place
· Your hair “retains it’s shape” and still looks great for several weeks after your salon visit
· The cut enhances your best assets and helps camouflage imperfections
· Curl is controlled, fine hair seems a little thicker and your hair is more manageable

Point haircuts
Point cutting is also a type of precision cut, but the ends are broken up into a point fashion, giving a more textured look that some styles require.

Razor haircuts
The razor is used to not only give the hair texture, but to give the ends of your hair a slant cut. This technique works well for thicker hair types, on fine hair that needs to be textured, or when the ends require a softer blend.

Fades are a type of cut that use a specific technique with men’s clippers. The style migrates from a longer clip at the top of the head and “fading” to a more clean-shaven look at the nape of the neck. This can be done in many different fashions depending on the individual’s preference.

We use top names in the hair color industry with Goldwell and Scruples Highlighting. See our products page for more detail on the products we use.

All-Over base color for women
Used for grey coverage or to change your current shade of color to an all-over different color.

Special base color for men and women
This is a special product available for men and can also be used for gray blending on women. It is a color formula designed to fade as you wash. Also known as a “progressive off” hair color or a “semi-coloring” formula. This formula is used mainly for hair that is in the greying process, to softly blend the grey hair with the natural darker strands to achieve a natural blending affect. This special coloring formula will slowly fade out completely as you shampoo to avoid a line of demarcation in the front hairline that would be commonly seen since men most often wear short haircuts. It is also effective for women who don't want to see a line of demarcation at the roots.

Multidimensional coloring
We use a variety of techniques to apply several different colors for a more dimensional look.
This can involve the use of highlights, lowlights or a combination of both. Highlighting involves the selection of specific strands in pre-defined locations on the head and then applying a color formulation that results in lightening the target strands. When the strands are colored to be lighter than the base color, this is known as highlighting. When the target hair is colored to be darker than a blonde color it is known as lowlighting. In some cases, hair is highlighted and low-lighted in the same dimensional color process. Also, contrasting colors may be added. There are a variety of techniques used to apply multidimensional coloring to achieve a variety of looks, including streaking, chunky or fading colors. Your stylist will help you decide what your needs are to achieve the look you desire.

Corrective color
We offer a consultation to determine what will be needed to adjust any previous hair coloring that has been applied before your visit to our salon. Your stylist will need a complete history of any coloring as well as any other chemical services previously done on your hair to best serve you. Communication about previous hair treatments during your visit with a new stylist is very important to insure your desired results

Fashion Vivid Hair Coloring
Hair color that is available in bright vivid and primary colors, that can be applied in many different techniques for a “pop” of very vibrant Reds, Blues, Purples, Violets, Greens, Yellows & Oranges.

Permanents Waves
This is a chemical process to permanently transform your straighter hair into hair that can range from soft waves to very curly hair. This can be done on shorter hair as well as long hair. Very long hair might need what is termed a “Spiral Curl” technique. Your personal stylist will help guide you to your desired look with this procedure. We request that new clients communicate with our stylists any previous chemical processes you may have had applied to your hair prior to visiting our salon since this information is essential for optimum results.

Special Event Styling
We offer special event styling upon request for individuals and groups:
· Wedding hair styling for brides and bridal parties. On-site wedding styles by special request.
· Prom hair styling
· Special event hair styling
· Make-Up available by special request for all special events.

Facial waxing
· Eyebrows
· Lips
· Chin
· Cheek

Not Offered by Etrusca
Chemical Straightening: Etrusca Hair Design Salon DOES NOT OFFER any chemical hair straighten processes.



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